My first professional involvement with computers dates back to the 90s. I worked as a network administrator then. It is also around this period that I began publishing my first webpages. I was only doing it for fun at the time - very few people had access to the Internet to begin with, and private connections were still quite rare (not to mention expensive!).

I spent a few years working mainly as network administrator and developer in a successful start-up; and later moved on to a larger company where I was first tasked with ensuring tech support for development teams. Since there were quite a few teams and they were widely distributed geographically, I got the notion of setting up a dedicated web server and started a little “revolution” by maintaining one of the first “intranets”, dedicated to developer support within the company.

While development remained my main activity throughout the following years, I was still often involved in projects that were starting to emphasize lighter clients (such as web browsers) over more cumbersome, dedicated ones. I was regularly called upon both for the web aspect of these projects (HTML coding) and for their graphic design. So I gained a lot of experience in project presentation.

Unsurprisingly I was therefore the one called upon, year after year, to handle most of the UI-related tasks in the company. That sort of work wasn’t called “ergonomics” or “UX Design” yet, but my job was already profoundly user-centric. After 15 years designing web UIs, I finally joined an engineering team specifically tasked with mobile development.

I then worked for three years as a web and mobile designer before choosing to face a new professional challenge as an independent expert.

Today, I can boast a global vision of my field. UX Design requires a wide knowledge base, not only technically speaking but also on topics such as psychology, sociology and marketing. Providing the end-user with the best possible experience is naturally indispensible, but you also have to know how to work together with the development teams, the decision makers and every other actor involved in the project ; keeping their various and respective constraints in mind at all times. Having worked within large corporations such as Airbus, Air France, TF1 or Total, I am familiar with these environments.

I am skilled in a variety of disciplines. While my main expertise lies in design and ergonomics, I always keep feasibility and technical imperatives in mind.

UX Design is a crucial aspect of a project, yet one that is too often neglected. I can offer you my expertise on the subject. Don’t hesitate to contact me.


  • Langages : HTML5/CSS3, PHP, Javascript, Ruby, SQL, Objective-C, Java
  • Frameworks : Jquery, Wordpress, Foundation, Bootstrap, Flash, J2EE, Spring, Struts
  • UX/UI Tools : Illustrator, Photoshop, Marvel, Invision, Jekyll, Sketch, Adobe XD, Balsamiq, Axure
  • IDE : RSA, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Xcode, Interface Builder
  • VCS : GIT, SVN, Clearcase
  • Methods : SCRUM, Lean Startup, Cycle en V, Conception Objet (UML), Merise

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